Ashdod FCC Refineries

The TAR included works associated with a new Reactor, Regenerator, Risers, Cyclones and Sliding Valves.

The following activities covered the FCC TAR project:

  • Demolition of existing Reactor of 140 [ton].
  • Structure modification and alignment to match the new Reactor of 160 [ton].
  • New Reactor positioning and installation.
  • Regenerator modification, composed of structure, ducts, insulation and piping works of P22 material.
  • Cut, dismantlement and installation of a Regenerator cap (5-m bore).
  • Removal of existing Cyclones elements and installation and alignments of five new elements for both stages 1 and 2.
  • Disconnection and installation of new sliding valves 150 [ton] each.
  • Risers prefabrication and installation.
  • Advanced Planning the TAR, and inspection throughout the project.