Sami Zatout

Sami Zatout, is one of the leading, longstanding groups with vast experience since 1987m in the Israeli industry specializing in the planning, construction and procurement of large and mid. - scale projects, which are highly classified, in the energy, petroleum, chemical and infrastructure fields. The group consists of three companies, which provide comprehensive services to all its customers’ projects.


The group’s companies:

  • Sami Zatout specializes in the construction of power plants, refineries, desalination plants, Storage tank fabrication and assembly of equipment.
  • Zatout Engineering – Specializes in civil construction, site development, electrical sub-station construction, buildings and industry office construction and desalination facilities.
  • Rami Zatout and Sons – A real estate and development company.

The group’s vast experience and professionalism has turned it into one of the leading groups in its field, which is selected over and over again by Israel’s largest and most important entities, such as: Israel Electric Company (IEC), Chevron (Nobel Energy), Bazan Group, Intel, ICL Rotem facilities, Dor Chemicals, the Ministry of Defense, Israel Railways, Paz Ashdod Refinery, GE Energy Service, IDE Technologies, MRC, OPC, Energy Services, Amidar, Haifa Municipality (Shakmona), Yefe Nof, H2Pro and more.

Committed and Professional Human Capital

Human capital is our main asset, which has been enabling the group to lead our business successfully. The group has about 185 employees in addition to a team of professional and devoted subcontractors, who were selected carefully and been working with us for a long duration. Group’s core values:

Professionalism • Reliability • Safety.

Our Advantages

  • Experience and professionalism working with the largest organizations in the Israeli market; • Meticulous attention to the workers’ safety and compliance with every relevant standard; • Compliance with projects timetables and maximal availability throughout the project; • Financial strength that enables frequent technological renewal and high reliability; • The group is committed to its customers and views them as partners; • Sustainable company with commitment to quality assurance, safety and environmental protection.

Technological Innovation for Safer and More Efficient Work

The Group believes in technological innovation, in accordance with the latest developments. The group remains at the forefront of the industry and provide its customers with most efficient, accurate, and professional services. In addition, our QA/QC department accompanies the projects from planning thru. execution stages up to project completion and hand-over stages.

Excellence and Service-Orientation at Every Level

The customers’ satisfaction and required deliverables is a major goal and driver in every project that the group carries out. Therefore, the teams are characterized by excellence, commitment, and service-orientation, from the involved management, execution and back-office teams. Together, we are sure that it is possible to achieve and deliver the best results efficiently, while maintaining credibility, safety and accurate schedules.


Rania Zatout

Cheif Financial Officer

Rami Zatout

CEO and Owner